A real slap to Hedy Karam from Ahmed Zahir … and the last one apologizes: “Oh, you cut me off”


Artist Ahmed Zahir expressed his happiness with the reactions to his role in the series «لؤلؤ»In which he embodies the character of Tariq Nassar, saying:“ The role is very common with women, although Tariq is a character with faults, but there is no good person all the time nor a bad person all the time. I can be good with one person and a monster with another. ”

Ahmed Zahir added, in an interview on the “Final Word” program, on the “ON” screen: “Tariq’s character is neither evil nor malicious, but he is a practical businessman, raised in an aristocratic family.”

And about his violence with the women and the extent of it being real, he said: “The script wanted like that, but the beating in the series twice was hard, and the rest of the times it was an unreal technique. The real slap was Najla Badr in the first episode and Hidi Karam was real.”

Ahmed Zahir apologized to the artist Hedy Karam for the slap, saying: “I want to apologize to her very much. She asked for the slap to be real. .

He continued: “If I were in her place, I would take the pen in real terms, because the real beating would give a great feeling because of the pain, making the actor’s reaction sincere and real, and I hit the scene to remain very upset.”


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