A photo commentary on a stadium ignites the anger of Jordanian fans at the AFC


Turn on the official account For the AFC For football, social media users in Jordan were angry, after he posted a picture to someone Stadiums It is covered with sand, and he followed it with a sarcastic comment that said, “Who wants to clean it?”

The photo caused a great controversy on the various social media pages, as everyone was surprised by the comment on that image, which they considered offensive to the game in the country, which prompted the official account of the Jordan Football Association and the Secretary of the Union, Samar Nassar, to double it.

The image spread widely in the communication pages, for the AFC media spokesperson, Jordanian journalist Nidal Bahran, to publish a post on his official account on “Facebook” explaining to followers an explanation about the reason for that image, and Bahran wrote, “The AFC’s social media platforms have always published selected photos. For many unique stadiums in various parts of the Asian continent .. “

“The aim of publishing these photos is to shed light on the spread of the popular game in Asian countries in various geographical terrain … whether it is desert, mountainous, coastal … and others,” he said.

“These photos, including the Hamima stadium in the Jordanian desert, clearly show the state of great passion for football in all parts of Asia, and confirm that football is able to transcend distances and reach everyone, wherever they are.”

It seems that Bahran’s response did not stop the Jordanians. Samar Nassar, Secretary of the Jordanian Federation, surprised everyone, with a strong response on its official Twitter page, in which she wrote, “The Jordanian passion for football builds stadiums in the villages and in the heart of our beautiful desert and also motivates us to keep the organization of football activity continuing despite the pandemic. We were astonished by the AFC’s interest in the beautiful village stadium, and we hope that it will pay the same attention to organizing the Asian Championships without interruption or delay. “

The official account of the Jordanian Federation also published a statement on its page, confirming that the photo is old and has been “since the days of the health ban due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, expressing its willingness to accept any” volunteers “, amazed at the same time at the” interest and concern of the AFC on stadiums in Jordan, noting that it is He scaled back projects due to Corona, across Asia. “

“However, this is the second time that we tried to ridicule using the same image in months, while we were in severe quarantine for the safety and security of our people,” he reproached.

“The most important thing is that Al Hamima Stadium is located in one of the most deprived places in our country, and joking about that can be offensive to everyone who works tirelessly in society to preserve these stadiums and to continue the sustainability of football.”

“We will not usually respond, but we expect more from you as an all-Asian institution to be more aware of your statements, especially in these difficult times, especially as such publications hurt and insult those working in Jordanian sports,” the statement concluded.

The AFC’s social media platforms have been publishing selected photos of many unique stadiums in various …
Posted by Nedal Omar Bahran on Tuesday 23 February 2021

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Published by Jordan Football sure Tuesday 23 February 2021


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