A new virus outbreak in Australia resembles the symptoms of Corona


A state of confusion and anxiety in the Australian city of Gold Coast due to the high rates of respiratory syncytial virus infection RSV Many patients have entered hospital emergency departments in the region, which are now overcrowded due to the large number of cases with symptoms similar to infection with the Coronavirus.

According to a newspaper report time now news David Green, director of emergency medicine at Gold Coast University Hospital, said: “There appears to be an outbreak of a virus called RSV Which is unusual at this time of year“.

New virus
New virus

What is respiratory syncytial virus?

Respiratory syncytial virus, also known as human respiratory syncytial virus and human lung bone virus, is a very common and contagious virus that causes infections in Respiratory system According to the CDC, most people recover within a week or two, however RSV It can be dangerous, especially for infants and the elderly, as it is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) andPneumonia (Lung infection) in children younger than one year of age.

People with respiratory syncytial virus show symptoms similar to coronavirus

Symptoms of most viral respiratory infections overlap with each other, and this is also the case for patients with respiratory syncytial virus. This virus produces a number of the same symptoms as corona virus, including shortness of breath, runny nose, cough and fever..

Because symptoms are similar, people with an infection should RSV Also, going to hospitals and even getting tested for the Corona virus, according to officials, the outbreak of the respiratory syncytial virus has placed a great burden on hospitals severely affected by the Corona epidemic due to the epidemic..

Green said that respiratory syncytial virus affects children more severely, “but it can affect all age groups,” adding that it is one of the common respiratory pathogens and is common in both adults and children who suffer from shortness of breath. The younger the patients, the greater the possibility Being sick.”


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