A medical study resolves the controversy regarding the relationship of “vitamin D” and the prevention of “corona”


A study by German doctors revealed that there is no reliable evidence that it is preventable novel coronavirus Through vitamin D supplementation.

According to the German Dietetic Association, which conducted the study, a clear causal effect has not been demonstrated between low vitamin D levels and the pathology of Corona virus in patients.

She explained that although there have been reports indicating positive effects of taking Vitamin D” On the course of Corona disease, however, the studies often had technical deficiencies, because, for example, the level of vitamins in test subjects was not known before they became sick in the first place.

The German nutritionists concluded that “there is no evidence currently that can justify giving vitamin D supplements to people who have an adequate vitamin D level or with the aim of preventing infection with the Corona virus, or to reduce the severity of disease after infection.”

The experts of the German Society of Nutrition also stressed the need to avoid an overdose of vitamin D, warning that this could lead to kidney stones, kidney calcifications, and cardiovascular disorders.


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