A man finds his brother after 32 years of searching, where did he find him?


Three-year-old Jonathan let his brother Alfonso play alone in their garden in Bogotá, Colombia, before his trail disappeared in 1988.At that time, on September 25, 1988, older brother Juan Jimenez, who was five years old at the time, was looking out the window when the man took his brother, to grow up with his mother Anna’s grief over the disappearance of his brother, according to (Sputnik Arabic).

Years later, in 1994, the man came to the house and claimed that his stepfather had asked him to take the child, and falsely told them that Jonathan had been adopted in the United States, where Juan had vowed to find his brother.

And Juan who moved to the United States in 2007 to work as an actor said: “That was the obsession for me. I grew up seeing my mom suffering a lot. On social media, but the man died before they met, and then a nucleic acid testing company donated a test in the hope that he could identify his brother in this way.

In 2019, Juan received a letter from a 34-year-old lawyer in Norway, who said: “He was adopted at the age of four and was trying to find his biological family.”

And Juan went to Norway in January 2020 to meet the man, and the end was happy, as John returned now, and then the brothers returned to Colombia.

And Jonathan said: “I always wanted to find my family, and it was difficult for me that my whole childhood passed without knowing anything about my biological family, due to movement restrictions in Colombia as a result of the epidemic, and Jonathan was forced to stay in the country last year, and he took advantage of this period.” To study Spanish and celebrate all the birthdays he missed with his Colombian family, including the jubilant mother Anna. ”

“We can never regain the 32 years we have missed, but we can make the next 32 years the most exciting moment in our lives,” Jonathan added.


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