A judicial decision regarding the premiums of the American University of Beirut .. Here are its details


Urgent Matters Judge in Beirut Mary Christine Eid issued an urgent decision regarding the summons submitted by a number of American University students, who deposited their installments with the notary public according to the official exchange rate of the dollar (1520 LBP).

The hurry decision decided to suspend the effects of the university administration’s decision sent by e-mail on 20/2/2021, as reported by the summons, and the judge dismissed them on March 3 in the event that they failed to pay.

Judge Eid requested to suspend the implementation of the effects of the aforementioned administrative decision, and to oblige the university to comply with the content of the present decision as a temporary measure for a period of two weeks from the date of notification, under penalty of a coercive fine of 50 million LBP for the violation, in order to allow the students summoned to review the Basic Courts.


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