A golf legend Tiger Woods was seriously injured after a car accident – the athlete – the finish line


Golf legend Tiger Woods had an accident while driving, which caused severe injuries to the leg when his car veered off the road and fell from a steep hill.

The Los Angeles County Police Department said that a “Genesis GV80” car that Woods was driving had crashed on the borders of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes.

The site “MSNBC” according to Sky News Arabia that the golf star was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles last night for treatment.

The American News Network indicated that Woods received treatment and began to recover gradually and that he did not lose consciousness during the accident, but rather remained awake.

The golf legend underwent surgery during which the medical team implanted a metal rod in his leg.

The medical reports indicated that the 45-year-old star “suffered severe injuries to the bones in his lower right-hand side, and she was treated in emergency surgery.”

The medical team installed “a metal rod in Woods’s shin bone to stabilize the fractures, and screws and pins were also used to stabilize the treatment applied to the foot and ankle.”



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