A girl who only remembers Tamer Hosni after she had an accident, and what he did towards her caught the attention of his fans


The Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni surprised a young woman who had an accident that led to her memory loss and paralysis, but she only remembers him and his songs, as he visited her to support her.

Hosni shared his followers on his Instagram page, a video clip documenting the atmosphere of the visit, and said that Berhan Adel had suffered a painful accident that led to her memory loss for a period and her suffering from paralysis, and that her great love for him was a motive for her recovery.

Hosni attached the video to a comment in which he expressed his great admiration for the young woman and wished her a speedy recovery.

And he said: “Oh Berhan, I am the one who is proud of you and Farhan Becky more than any need. Your words are a great honor for me and a great joy for my heart. I will be supportive after our Lord for your recovery. I am very happy. I have seen you and heard your story more than you are happy with me and you are happy to meet me and you are so happy about me.


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