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A professor of pharmacology at the German Saarbrücken University, Thorsten Lehr, expects the third wave of the Corona pandemic to be as strong as the second. “I already assume that we will be in the same conditions that we had before Christmas (Christmas),” said Lear, an expert on Corona forecasts, in statements to the German news agency (dpa) in Saarbrücken. He also predicted that the infection rate could reach about 200 cases per 100,000 people over a seven-day period by the first half of April.

Lear stated that there are two developments responsible for the new increase in Corona numbers, one of which is the increasing British boom in Germany, which may be 35% more contagious, adding, according to the analysis of the latest data, “Corona simulation” at the University of Zarland: “This mutated will be Is prevailing. “

As for the second development, according to Lehr, it has been an increase in mixing since mid-February, which would lead to an increase in the number of infections. “I fear that this has to do with the fatigue from the lockdown. And maybe with the resumption of normal life in some areas,” he said.

It should be noted that hairdressing salons and other areas are scheduled to reopen by March 1, and further measures will be taken towards further opening by March 8. “Even if the dilution is moderate, it will have an effect,” said Lehr.

Lear stated that the effect of vaccinations cannot be seen at the present time, explaining that this is due to the fact that more than 95% of the population has not yet been vaccinated, adding that the effect of the vaccine can only be seen after vaccinating 30% of the population, and he said: “In the scenario Optimistic, I expect that we may reach this percentage in June. “

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“The majority of Germans with vaccination certificates”

An opinion poll revealed that the majority of German citizens want to obtain a Corona vaccination card that enables them to go to theaters, fitness halls, sporting events or travel. The poll, conducted by the YouGov Institute for Measuring Opinion Indicators, commissioned by the German News Agency (DPA), showed that 16 percent of Germans support applying the so-called “green passport” on the basis of the Israeli model immediately, while 44 percent see Others say they must wait until all German individuals receive a vaccination offer.

According to current planning, the entire population in Germany is expected to receive a vaccination offer by September 21.

In contrast, only 35 percent of Germans refused to apply a passport that gives people who have been vaccinated benefits over unvaccinated people.

Last Sunday, Israel applied the so-called Green Passport, which provides many facilities for those recovering and vaccinated. Restrictions were also eased for those who were not vaccinated, but they received fewer freedoms than their vaccinated counterparts.

The poll, which was conducted from 24 to 26 February, includes 2030 people.



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