A famous Lebanese singer calls on Lebanon for normalization with Israel, and this is her first step


Follow-up: Raneem Al Hoshi

In a world dominated by many political, religious, economic and social differences and differences. Against the backdrop of the political visions fixed on its position for many countries. The Arabs are divided into two parts. One of them is totally opposed to the idea of ​​Israeli normalization, and one of them is Lebanon. The other is the supporter of this idea.

According to the “Al-Hurra” channel. It seems that the Lebanese singer Karen Bassili has taken a stance against the laws and visions of her country. She performed a song with Israeli singer Yair Levy. And through which it aims, according to her saying, to spread peace between the two countries.

Thus, singer Karen took no consideration for her country’s laws and policies. “I crossed the red lines, but I’m not afraid,” she said. Despite all the threats that I received, I may be forbidden to return to Lebanon for good.

Through her closeness and exposure to Israeli society, she said: “Lebanese and Israeli customs are very similar. This cannot be denied. Even in the distant past the borders were open between us. There is no objection to her return as it was. Especially since a large part of the Lebanese have the right to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem.

And in an unprecedented statement to her. She said, “The normalization of relations between Israel and the Gulf states aroused my jealousy on my country. Especially since the Lebanese people need stability and live in peace. ”

It is worth noting that Lebanese law prohibits anyone from entering Lebanon. In the event that he had previously visited Israel.


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