A difficult night … the scenes of the Body Guard play on the death of Mostafa Metwally, and why did Adel Imam insist on continuing the show?


Director Ramy Imam said that during his long years of work on the play “Body Guard”, he had married and had his sons “Adel” and “Ezz El Din” and they had grown up and the family used to go to watch the show together in the theater.

Ramy Imam confirmed in his interview with the journalist Sobhi Otri in the mbc trending program, that just as there were happy memories like those he lived with his family, there were also sad memories such as the death of the artist Mustafa Metwally in 2000 during the second year of the play’s performance.
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Ramy added that his father decided at that time to complete the show despite the psychological fatigue they went through, saying: “The theater is only obstructed by the grave. People are paying tickets and coming from the end of the world to see Adel Imam, because I am determined to do the play.”

Adel Imam’s son added that as soon as the curtain of the show closed, they all collapsed on the stage, as it was especially difficult moments for his father, who cried bitterly, he had never seen him before.

It is worth noting that the events of the play revolve around the prisoner Adham, who makes a deal inside the prison with the businessman Saad, who is accused of stealing 700 million pounds, under which he works as a bodyguard for Saad’s wife, who falls in love with Adham, and after a while Saad discovers his wife’s betrayal and tries to fabricate an accusation for Adham and escape with what He stole money.
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