A competition for projects to build an ideal city on Mars


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                Will we live on Mars someday? Businessman Elon Musk answers yes, just like other people who believe that life on Mars is possible, and that building a city there is not impossible.  To support their belief, these people founded the Mars Society (Planet Mars, the French Antenna Association).

                                    <p>Society officials assert that "of all planetary bodies in our solar system, Mars is unique because it contains all the raw materials necessary not only for life on its surface, but also to open a new page in the history of human civilization."

To inaugurate this path, the Mars Society announced a competition, the first of its kind in the world, to search for the best ideas and programs to build an ideal city on Mars.

The association stresses that if we succeed in living on the Red Planet, it will be necessary to build housing and institutions for work, study and entertainment, as well as establish farms and other facilities necessary for life.

But the association acknowledges that the situation on Mars will not be exactly the same as that on Earth. Life will differ on its surface. The climate on Mars is very difficult. It will be necessary to provide special protection against the hot rays of the sun, and the weather will be very cold at other times, with very strong storms that will last for a long time. Also, the planet does not have the goods on its surface as is the case with the earth, with the exception of snow in the event of minor digging. Thus, it will be necessary to find solutions to all these problems before envisioning the possibility of inhabiting the surface of Mars.

The competition launched by the Mars Society takes into account all the difficulties inherent in the Martian environment, so it requires that the projects that will participate in the competition include a vision of how to overcome those obstacles, and the ways that can be done so that the planet can accommodate a total of one million people.

The first and most important condition is that the winning project finds ideas that enable the proposed city to have the highest level of self-sufficiency in resources. This means that a minimum amount of resources that can be brought from Earth will be relied upon, because the transportation process is very expensive, as the price of transporting one kilogram from Earth to Mars reaches $ 500. This means the need to be able to provide foodstuffs, glass, steel, plastics and fabrics through local production, so that there is no need to import them. So the Mars Society proposes that the human workforce be supplemented by robots and even artificial intelligence, in addition to advanced 3D printing technology.

The projects submitted for the award will have to create a kind of vital relationship between Mars and Earth, not to deal with the project as if it seeks to create life on Mars completely separate from its counterpart on Earth, within the framework of the association’s vision of creating a kind of economy between the planets.

Certain areas of rating have been identified for the award jury, including the engineering aspects of the submitted project and its technical feasibility. And its economic model, and its societal model through programs for education, entertainment, political life, etc. The principle of beauty will also be adopted in a place that is intended to be attractive. The association will publish the top 20 projects and reward the five winning projects with prizes ranging between $ 500 and $ 10,000.



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