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The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following statement: “On 02/02/2021, in the locality of Tire – Jal al-Bahr, the so-called (JH, born in 1954, Lebanese), was found lying on the bed and handcuffed, In a room in his office. As a result of his examination by the forensic doctor, it was found that the death occurred on 01/30/2021, and it was a result of suffocation, and that the car belonging to the deceased was stolen, as well as his cell phones.

As a result, the competent divisions in the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces began their field and information procedures to uncover the circumstances of the crime, identify those involved in it, and arrest them. As a result of follow-up, the Division’s patrols found the deceased’s car parked in the Damour area, and it was seized.

Through the extensive investigations and investigations carried out by the aforementioned units, I was able to identify the two suspects of the murder and theft of the car, namely: A. U. (Born in 1995, Lebanese), and. I. (Born in 1990, Syrian).

On 02/08/2021, and after a careful monitoring and control process, one of the Information Division patrols managed to monitor the first in the locality of Joud Hermel on board an “Infinity” car (it was later found that it had been stolen at the dawn of its date from the El Mina locality), so it pursued it, and after an exchange of fire The car was stopped with the first inside, accompanied by (M.H., born in 1998, a Syrian), and M. P. (Born in 2001, Syrian).

During the interrogation of the detainees, (A.S.) admitted that he, accompanied by the second (OT), carried out a car theft from Tripoli, and for fear of being prosecuted and arrested, they headed at the end of January to the house of the murdered in Tire, to hide from view. On 01/30/2021 (the night of the murder), and while the second was in the victim’s room, the first heard screaming coming from the room, after which WT came out, frightened and confused, and informed him that he had killed (G.H) as a result of a dispute between them. . He went into the room and saw the victim, whose feet and legs were cuffed, and that he was dead.

As a result, they stole his car and phones, and left the place, but the car broke down in the Damour area. He and the rest of the detainees also confessed to carrying out the theft of the “Infiniti” car that they were arrested on board.

The legal requirement was taken against them, and they were deposited with the car, the competent authority, based on the court’s indication, and work continues to arrest the rest of those involved.

Source: National Agency


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