6 easy steps to improve the security of your iPhone and iPad


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More people spend their time on their smartphones than anything else in the day; Therefore, users should be aware of the importance of maintaining the security of their phones, and the technical how to geek has highlighted how to improve the security of iPhone and iPad phones.

6 steps to improve iPhone and iPad security

1- Keep updates

Keeping your iPhone and iPad updated is one of the most important things you can do to keep the phone secure, and security issues are often discovered in the iOS operating system, which opens loopholes for exploiters and Apple regularly patches these vulnerabilities with incremental updates.

You can turn on automatic updates under Settings> General> Software update so that you never need to install one of these updates manually, and your phone will install any updates automatically while you sleep.

2- Use a secure passcode and face or touch ID

Users Iphone They use either Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the device, but what about security codes? In fact, the passcode is the weak point of any device and so you have to make it robust, that means setting a long and unpredictable digital passcode.

6 Easy Steps To Improve iPhone and iPad Security (4)
Use a secure passcode

3- Lock screen lock

The lock screen can reveal a lot of your secrets. If you receive a text message, its notifications will be available for anyone to see. To avoid this, head to Settings> Face ID & Passcode and disable any services that you do not want others to access from the lock screen.

6 Easy Steps To Improve iPhone and iPad Security (4)
Lock screen lock

4- Do not open untrusted links

In August 2019, researchers from Project Zero of Google announced that they had discovered several sites that were exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS to install spyware on devices, and Apple had corrected the security holes, however, it is estimated that thousands of users have had their devices compromised over the course of several years. Most famously, this is due to misleading websites, so beware of clicking on strange links in emails or text messages that you don’t know, as well as shortened URLs that start with like Bit.ly.

5- Make sure the Find My feature is enabled

Find My is the feature that allows you to track all of your devices and friends, and it was formerly known as Find My iPhone or Find My iPad, and it will enable you not only to locate your device on the map but also send an audible ring, in addition to locking the device, or in the worst case scanning Remote data.

And most people should turn this on by default, but many forget to re-enable it after repairing a device or restoring software.

6 Easy Steps To Improve iPhone and iPad Security (4)
Enable Find My

6- VPN hiring

The VPN protects your internet habits from prying eyes by encrypting your internet traffic, so the VPN acts as a kind of tunnel to obscure your data.
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