6 Amazing uses for “hand sanitizers” at home


Hand sanitizers have become very necessary these days, especially with the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic, as the use of these sterilizers has recently witnessed a great demand since the beginning of the pandemic after studies and research showed their effectiveness in eliminating the new virus.

Hand sanitizers are also now the foolproof alternative to water and soap outside the home, to take care of hand hygiene from germs and bacteria.

Despite the noticeable increase in the use of hand sanitizers to prevent the emerging virus, there are many other amazing uses for these hand sanitizers at home that are unknown to many, which may facilitate our daily life.

And according to the British newspaper Express, here are some uses of hand sanitizer:

1- Removing the medical patches: Removing the medical patches may be a little painful, and a little hand sanitizer can be rubbed over the patch to remove it easily and without pain.

2- Cleaning the hair iron: The hair iron needs to be cleaned from bacteria from time to time, as it is usually covered with oils from your scalp and hair products, and for this task you can put a little hand sanitizer on the hair iron and leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it with a clean cloth.

3- Treating clothes stains: If you have sweat, oil, or any other stain on the clothes, you should put a little hand sanitizer on the stain and leave it for a few minutes before washing the clothes as usual.

4- Removing food stains from microfiber furniture: Stains that appear on microfiber sofas, whether food stains or others, can be easily wiped with hand sanitizer.

5- Removing stains from child seats in the car: Experts advise wiping the car seat every few weeks to maintain the safety of children, especially during an epidemic, and the spread of germs and bacteria can be prevented by wiping the seats regularly using hand sanitizer and a clean cloth.

6- Polishing stainless steel utensils: Fingerprints can spoil the appearance of utensils and antiques made of steel, but you can dispose of them, polish them and remove dirt from them in a jiffy using hand sanitizer and a clean cloth.


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