4 attackers raise the slogan “I don’t know me” in Pyramids … and the Uruguayan is a glimmer of hope.


Prepare Pyramids Club One of the clubs that are looking for more support in the attacker’s position in all of the past transfer periods, after the new players appeared modestly, contrary to what their officials had expected in the matches they played.

The Pyramids club has contracted with more than one striker with a name and in large sums, hoping to eliminate the aiming sterility that had accompanied the team in the last season, and it appears that he has found his way after the distinguished start that he appeared on. Uruguayan Diego Roland The striker of the team, who managed to score 3 goals in 4 matches played with the heavenly team so far.

Before contracting with Roland, Pyramids suffered from the failure of the attackers in their ranks, after they were brilliant with their clubs and contracted with them with large sums to find Mahalla very weak, which we will review in the next report ..

Ecuadorian John Cifuents

Pyramids have contracted, with Cattolica striker John Civuents, the Ecuadorian national team and the scorer of the Ecuadorian League, to support the team in its first season in its new form.

Pyramids included the player who won the title of top scorer in the Ecuadorian league with 24 goals with his team, joined the Ecuador team and played 4 international matches, but the Ecuadorian scored only 3 goals in 14 matches with the team to leave after less than a season.

Pyramids club contracted with Omar Khirbin, the striker of the Syrian national team, on loan from the Saudi Al Hilal club, in a deal that everyone expected to have great success, especially since Omar Khirbin is the first Syrian player in history to succeed in winning the award for the best player in Asia..

Omar Khirbin played 47 matches for Al Hilal Saudi Arabia, during which he managed to score 28 goals and make 9 other goals for his teammates, which are the numbers on the basis of which the Pyramids Club contracted with him.

Omar Khirbin played 12 matches with Pyramids, during which he scored 6 goals and scored two more goals.

John Antwi

Ghanaian Pyramids club, John Antwi, of the Misr El Maqsas club, was kidnapped before Zamalek, in a deal that was resounding due to the great potential of the Ghanaian striker.

Pyramids contracted with the Ghanaian after he starred with the Fayoumi club, after he scored 40 goals and made 10 more in 76 games in all competitions, but his numbers with Pyramids were not at the same level, especially this season in which he played 9 matches, he scored only an orphan goal. In total, he played 58 matches, during which he scored 18 goals and scored 4 more goals.

Mahmoud Wadi

Pyramids officials succeeded in hiring the Palestinian Mahmoud Wadi, the Egyptian striker, Al-Yorsaidi, for 20 million pounds, in the hope of continuing the striker’s brilliance, but this time with the heavenly team as he was with the people of Port Said.

Mahmoud Wady scored 19 goals and scored 10 goals with the Port Said team, but with Pyramids he participated in 9 matches this season and scored only one goal.


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