3 Reasons Behind My Mind’s Success Was Endowed By Nawal Al Zoghbi


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3 reasons behind the success of my mind stood by Nawal Al Zoghbi, Today, Sunday, February 14, 2021 09:56 PM

He achieved the clip of the song “Aqli Waqf” by the Lebanese singer Nawal al-Zoghbi 2 million and 175 thousand views on the official Rotana channel The YouTube. There are several reasons behind the success of the song “My Mind,” which brought Nawal Al Zoghbi back to life, dubbed the Golden Star, which we review in the following lines:

1-The rhythm of the Egyptian song:

Nawal Al Zoghbi has always been accustomed to achieving successes through Egyptian songs because of her fast rhythm. Her song “Aqli Waqf” is similar to her old songs, which made her one of the most important stars of the Arabic song.

2- Back to review:

Nawal Al Zoghbi appeared in the clip “Aqli Waqf” by presenting shows with delightful looks, such as wearing a bright golden and blue dress with long blond hair, such as “Layali” and “What I Wish”.

3- The timing of the release of the clip:

Nawal Al-Zoghbi took advantage of the calm of the singing market during this period, with the singers in the Arab world busy preparing for their new singing works, to see her audience in the correct time and enable her song to achieve rapid spread.

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