12 countries in the eastern Mediterranean have received 6 million doses of Corona vaccine


The WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Ahmed Al-Mandhari, announced, on Monday, that more than 6 million doses of Corona vaccines have been distributed in a number of countries of the region.

Al-Mandhari said during a virtual press conference for the organization’s office for the region, which includes 22 countries and more than 580 million people: “To date, more than 6.3 million doses of Corona vaccines have been given to people in 12 countries of the region,” without naming the countries, according to Agence France-Presse. “.

He pointed out that the international “Kovacs” mechanism, which was established to support countries with limited capabilities, would provide, in the coming weeks, about 37,000 vaccine doses to Tunisia, and about 94,000 vaccine doses to Palestine.

“It is expected that the remaining twenty countries in our region will receive an estimated 46 to 56 million doses of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine from the Kovacs facility during the first half of this year,” Al-Manzari added.

So far, according to Al-Manzari, nearly 6 million people have been infected with the “Covid-19” epidemic in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, and about 140,000 people have died.

Al-Mandhari expressed concern about 13 countries reporting cases of “at least one mutated version of the three new mutations that were reported globally.”

Regarding the adequacy of vaccines in the region, Al-Manzari said, “It is difficult to guess the number (which can be provided), because a number of countries in the region have made bilateral contracts with manufacturers … and the pace of these agreements will accelerate.”

This is evidenced by the fact that around 500,000 people have been vaccinated every day worldwide since the start of production of vaccines last month. “Now we have reached about 4.5 million people per day who are being vaccinated, according to last week’s statistics, which reflects the acceleration in the provision of the vaccine by companies.”

“We are still witnessing an unfair distribution of vaccines that are being deployed around the world,” Al-Mandhari said.

He added, “The Kovacs facility will succeed in providing vaccines to the poor and resource-struggling countries.”


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