Zain Saudi Arabia launches 5G leased telecommunications lines for the business sector – Saudi News


Zain Saudi Arabia announced the launch of leased telecommunications services that depend on the fifth generation technology, intended for the business sector and characterized by its low cost, efficiency and high security, similar to the efficiency and security of fiber networks. Among its advantages is the “dedicated access service”, which can be equipped with telecommunications networks to provide high-speed connections to areas where fiber networks are not available.

At a time when the business sector is more dependent on internet services than ever before, the need for secure and more reliable telecommunications services is greater. This is what is provided by the leased or private communication lines service, as it provides high-speed telecommunications services that meet all basic end-use requirements. In addition to the dedicated calling feature, leased line services enable businesses to hand over their duties under service level agreements.

According to a recent study in Saudi Arabia, 5G technology can meet the requirements of 80% of leased line customers, with its high speed, lower latency, and faster deployment. It will also contribute to launching new products for customers at competitive prices, and this is essential to support the growth of the digital economy, in line with the Kingdom’s modern digital economic policies.

The CEO of the business sector, carriers and operators at Zain Saudi Arabia, Eng. Saad Al-Sadhan, spoke about the leased lines, saying: “This achievement at the level of the business sector is in line with the digital transformation in the Kingdom, and intersects with its portfolio of achievements for the greater expansion of the deployment of the fifth generation network, in order to achieve The goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. From the beginning, we have been keen to achieve the widest coverage and the best experience of the fifth generation services 5G In the Kingdom, and we worked for this on two levels, the first is horizontal by spreading the fastest and largest possible fifth generation network, and we have gained international recognition for being the most widespread in the Kingdom, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and the fastest in our coverage of 50 cities across more than 4,700 towers. The second is vertical, by providing us with the most advanced and advanced business solutions through the fifth generation network, especially the applications and devices that open up enormous opportunities for the business sector by relying on artificial intelligence technologies and the Internet of Things. Zain Saudi Arabia’s achievement in launching the 5G leased telecom lines service represents a gain for all beneficiaries, as everyone will have an exceptional opportunity to develop their capabilities and benefit from the best communication technologies for a better and easier life, whether the operators who will get higher access to the network, or companies That are improving their business operations, or the individuals who will benefit from an exceptional customer experience. ”

It is reported that “Open Signal” (Opensignal) Finally, in a report, it announced that Zain Saudi Arabia had won the three prizes devoted to the user experience of the 5G network for each of the indicators: «Download speed of the raw generation network» (5G), And “the provision of fifth generation services (5G)Download speed for fifth generation users (5G)“.

“Zain Saudi Arabia” won the “Fastest Home Internet in the Kingdom” award for the year 2020 AD in the first and second halves from UCLA.OoklaAl-Alamiah, the owner of the site SpeedTest The world famous and specialized in measuring Internet speeds. The company also won three awards during a summit Telecom Review For telecom sector leaders, in categories: Best growth for 5G users (5G) The best infrastructure for the fifth generation network (5G), And the best provider of cloud computing.


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