YouTube is testing the Clips feature for short videos from live broadcasts


YouTube is testing a new feature called Clips that allows users to create short, shareable videos through live broadcasts.

YouTube announced that it is testing this feature with a small group of creators. It is reported that the Clips feature on the Twitch platform is very popular. It may be one of the most important recent additions to “YouTube”.

Clips allows users to clip screenshots of other users’ live broadcasts, ranging in length from 5 to 60 seconds, and share them with their friends.

Feature tag below Live Video

Feature tag below Live Video

The short videos produced in this way get their own URL linked to the content creator’s YouTube channel.

Short clips can be created by clicking on the Clips icon, although the feature is currently limited to desktop and Android devices.

These clips can be created during the content creator’s live broadcast or from the video uploaded afterward.

And if you’re watching content from one of the channels included in the test suite, you’ll see a scissor-like feature icon at the bottom of the video.

How to make short videos

How to make short videos

You can click on the icon and select a part of the video to share with others with adding a title to the clip, and then click on Share Clip, and YouTube will create a URL to share it.

While clips can only be created from specific channels during the current testing period, all viewers can create clips from those channels and share them via social platforms or via direct communications (email or text messages).

When the user creates a clip, it is stored in a dedicated tab that includes all the clips created by the user through “YouTube”.

YouTube has not identified which channels are part of the current test suite, so you should look for the icon.

The addition of this feature is another indication that the online video giant is intending to boost its livestream.


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