Youssef Al-Sharif warns Arab artists of the monument in his name | news


The artist Youssef Al-Sharif warned that a person impersonating him would communicate with some artists, especially Arabs, to ask them to participate in a work he produced.

Al-Sharif confirmed through his official Facebook page that he does not communicate with any artist to participate in his work because this is the prerogative of the producing company, explaining that he does not intend to produce any work, and he does not have the ability for that.

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He continued, asking everyone to verify the identity of the calling person, noting that any artist from outside Egypt receives a call from someone and says that he is Youssef Al-Sharif and wants him, this person is a swindler.

On the other hand, Youssef Al-Sharif will participate in Ramadan 2021 with the series “Covid 25”, and the author of the series, Engi Alaa, explained that the series consists of 15 episodes.

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This is due to the special preparations that the work needs to suit its nature, which will require double time and effort and a huge budget to get it out as required, and preparations are underway in preparation for the launch of filming.

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