Yousra’s voice was damaged by the Corona virus, will it push her to retire?



It seems that the complications of the Corona virus for the Egyptian actress, Yusra, have become worse after artistic pages reported many news about Yusra’s intention to retire after recovering from the virus.

Then a source from Yusra’s family would return and deny the authenticity of these reports, and confirm that she does not see a conflict between practicing the profession of art and drawing closer to God, confirming that Yusra actually asked to pray for her, according to what Magazine reported

Meanwhile, Yousra’s health condition has become stable now, and she has dispensed with a ventilator and is able to breathe normally.

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He pointed out that the only problem that is still facing Yusra’s return to acting soon is that her voice was severely damaged by the virus, explaining that the sore throat caused severe difficulty speaking.

The film critic, Tariq Al-Shennawi, had stated that Yusra assured him in an audio message that she had passed the difficult stage of pain, and that she was on her way to improvement.


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