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Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe entered the line of the widespread American ridicule on social media, which was sparked by Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders, in his funny image, at the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

The Lebanese singer’s contribution to this “entertaining virtual campaign” came by publishing her picture leaning on a petrol pump, and installing Sanders’s picture next to her, with a comment in which she said: “Your heart is snow .. my heart is fire.”

It seems that Haifa Wehbe’s assistants and advisors in promoting her as a business woman as well, have done well in choosing the occasion and message.

The beginning of the story from Washington

The story began last week with the mock personal picture (M) of Senator Bernie Sanders, as he appeared in the ceremony of President Biden’s inauguration, wearing clothes that do not match the formal dress code on such a high occasion.

The figure of the senator sitting on a chair alone, wearing a muzzle and gloves, sparked an air of social media humor that went beyond the borders of the United States.

Sanders was one of the few guests who adhered to the rules of social distancing during the ceremony, and it seemed as if he decided to finally rest after Trump left the White House, as he sat on a folding chair with his arms folded, while he put his hands inside knitted gloves and wore a dark green coat to ward off the cold. .

It is a meme that met with wide interaction with the force of the shot and its connection to a dynamic political atmosphere.

The New York Post said that the Bernie brand website, which is dedicated to the senator’s activities, has started selling a shirt bearing a Bernie Sanders photo taken during Biden’s inauguration. And one shirt was worth $ 45.

But yesterday evening, Sunday, Senator Sanders intervened again in the social media workshop that was moved by his image at the inauguration, saying that it is “a good thing and not just a fun thing .. we have turned the moment into a charitable effort.”

So Sanders wanted to respond to criticism about what was said about promoting the image, to confirm the senator that the subject of his picture on the T-shirts was just an act of charity.

In turn, Haifa Wehbe, while promoting a perfume brand, synthesized a “meme” in which the shorts appeared, and behind it the popular Sanders image, to turn the shot into double marketing, which raised social media reactions with varying strength of acceptance.

“Internet meme” is a term used to describe a humorous or satirical topic that spreads very quickly among users of social media sites.

Usually the “m” is a single image on which people write different phrases that suit the features of the character in which they appear, or different pictures in a single comic format.


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