Xbox Game Pass gets 1 million new subscribers every month


Xbox Game Pass gets 1 million new subscribers every month

Communication Microsoft service For cloud games via Xbox, Xbox Game Pass is growing well, as it gets one million new subscribers every month, bringing the number of its subscribers to 18 million, an increase of three million since late September.

Xbox Game Pass offers the ability to play more than a hundred Xbox games without the need to download and purchase them, with a monthly subscription of only 10 bucks.

This growth is a natural result of Microsoft’s investments in the future, so that the Xbox Live gaming network service has more than 100 million monthly active users. All this success coincides with the launch of the latest Microsoft Xbox Series S and Series X devices.

This growth was helped by Microsoft’s significant acquisitions in the games sector, as it acquired ZeniMax Media, the owner of the game Doom, and Bethesda, the owner of Fallout, and these are the most important deals that prompted more users to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for cloud play.

Microsoft also announced a bundle of promotional offers for new subscribers, such as a free month of Disney Visualization Plus.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft’s gaming sector achieved quarterly revenues of about $ 5 billion, driven by Xbox sales.




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