With the start of vaccination … the Egyptian Minister of Health expects Corona’s position


و .كدت Hala Zayed that Egypt It is one of the first countries to prepare for a confrontation Corona VirusShortly after the announcement of the discovery of the first cases infected with the virus, indicating that it had formed The Egyptian health system Epidemic experience, knowledge and information.

She explained that this was done by partnering with the Global Network for Disease Outbreak Warning and Response, which works side by side with the World Health Organization to share experiences and support the response by supporting a team. World Health Organization And regional offices, which allowed Egypt to be among the first countries to respond to the outbreak of the virus.

In her statement to the weekly cabinet meeting, Wednesday, the minister said that Vaccines It will be presented through the electronic registration system to neutralize the human element at this stage, to ensure the governance of this system and to increase trust between the state and the citizen.

And within the framework of the World Health Organization’s recommendations in terms of identifying categories that will have priority in providing the vaccine, given the limited initial quantities, including medical workers, the elderly, and critical cases.

The minister presented part of the progress of the national campaign to give the vaccine to the first ranks of the defense, and indicated that Egypt has signed the contract of AstraZeneca for the Russian company’s factory and the Indian Serm Institute, and it is expected to receive 50,000 doses from the company in February.

The minister presented a report on the position of the Corona virus, in which she touched on the occupancy situation in Isolation hospitalsIn terms of dormitory beds, care, ventilators, and weekly rates of injuries and deaths, it also presented the position of the World Handball Championship that Egypt is currently hosting, and the precautionary measures followed, noting that 23,665 scans have been conducted for the participants in the tournament so far.


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