With an official statement, Japan settles the Tokyo Olympics


Despite Japan declaring a state of emergency due to a third wave of Covid-19 infection, Olympic organizers pledged to press for its launch on July 23, a year after its original launch date, after the decision to postpone it in March of last year..

A Japanese government spokesman said there was “no truth” to the “The Times” report on focus Japan To cancel the tournament and host it at a later date is available in 2032.

“We categorically deny this report,” Japanese Deputy Prime Minister and Government spokesman Manabu Sakai added, according to Reuters.

She also denied Organizing Committee The Olympiad has the report and said that all its partners, including the Japanese government and the International Olympic Committee, “focus” on hosting the tournament on time..

In reaction to the report, the Australian Olympic Committee and its American counterpart confirmed that they would continue preparing for the tournament according to the announced schedule..

Matt Carroll, chief executive of the Australian Olympic Committee, told reporters in Sydney Friday, “Unfortunately, I must respond to unfounded rumors by canceling Tokyo OlympicsThese rumors cause athletes to worry.

Tokyo Olympics roster. The flame will be lit on July 23, 2021. “

And both the American and Canadian Olympic Committee published on “Twitter” that they had not obtained any information about the failure to hold the Olympiad as specified..

Japan was not affected by the pandemic like other large economies, but the recent increase in the number of infected people has led to the closure of borders to non-residents of foreigners, and the declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo And other major cities.

Recent polls showed that about 80 percent of Japanese do not want the Olympics to take place next summer, due to fears of an increase in the number of athletes and an outbreak. Virus.

In an interview before the “Times” report appeared, Toshiro Moto, CEO of the Organizing Committee, said that he hoped that the success in distributing vaccines against the Corona virus would contribute to the establishment of a safe tournament in the largest international sporting event.


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