Windows 10 gets new features .. know them


Microsoft is working on a change to the Windows 10 taskbar soon, allowing the user to view the news bulletin, stock news, and weather information directly from the taskbar.

According to the US site The Verge, users will be able to quickly look at the weather without the need to open the start menu in a mini-list of content, and it can also be personalized without having to install an external application for this purpose or search for that information online.

Microsoft uses its own news network to show news and content from more than 4,500 sources, while the company has been working for months to coordinate this matter by applying artificial intelligence technology, which in turn makes it easier for the user to know the relevant news when the stories are ignored or liked in the list. .

The new taskbar feature can also be disabled, as Microsoft said it will be an ad-free experience, and it is likely to be more useful than the People Bar that the company built in Windows 10 a few years ago.

Microsoft has begun testing this feature with Windows Insiders on the Windows 10 Development Channel, and it will likely be available to all users later this year.


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