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Former Minister of Social Affairs, Dr. Salim Al-Sayegh, Minister of Caretaker Affairs, Ramzi Musharrafieh, asked: “Why are requests for the Poorest Families Program received in the centers of the South, especially Nabatieh, unlike all other centers in Lebanon?”

The Deputy Chairman of the Kataeb Party, former Minister Dr. Salim Al-Sayegh, on Twitter to the Minister of Social Affairs Ramzi Musharafieh, saying: “As Minister of Social Affairs, you are responsible for the fair distribution of social assistance with the support of the World Bank, and he asked:“ Why are the requests of the Poorest Families Program received in the social departments To the centers of the south, especially Nabatiyeh, unlike all the other centers in Lebanon, which I closed with your decision? “

Source: Kataeb.org


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