“WhatsApp” losses escalate … a mass exodus to “Signal”


People’s misfortunes have benefits. This is the mouthpiece of the Signal app, the first to benefit from the recent WhatsApp update crisis.

The messaging app, Signal, topped the list of the most downloaded apps on the Apple Store and Google Play stores in several countries since its rival WhatsApp announced on Thursday its intention to share more data with the parent network, Facebook.

Since many users of WhatsApp on social networks have indicated their intention to move to “Signal”, similar to the president of “Tesla” Elon Musk, the free application is at the top of the list of most downloaded applications in India, Germany, France and also in Hong Kong, as I mentioned. Signal via Twitter.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey called for using the Signal app instead of WhatsApp due to the breach of users’ privacy.

To attract more new users, Signal published a simple explanation of the usage rules to help them easily transfer their conversations from another messaging application.

The new demand for the application has caused technical problems on Thursday and Friday. Signal explained that “the verification codes are currently delayed (…) because many people are trying to join Signal at the present time.”

The most secure

Signal, launched in 2014, is ranked by experts as one of the most secure messaging applications in the world, especially thanks to its ability to fully encrypt messages and voice or video communications between the two ends of the communication.

The app quickly gained popularity among journalists and whistleblowers, especially thanks to the support of Edward Snowden, who leaked classified data on US intelligence services’ methods of spying on communications.

The world’s most secure messaging app, Signal, is competing strongly with WhatsApp, and Moxy Marlinspike, the app’s creator, said in previous statements: Signal is going through many changes after it was developed to make encrypted communication easy so that anyone can use it.

Matthew Rosenfeld, better known as Moxy Marlinspike, is an American entrepreneur, cryptographer, and computer security researcher, the innovator of Signal, and the co-founder of the Signal Foundation.

Signal is referred to globally as one of the most secure messaging applications, and it is approved by security experts around the world, but service user numbers are dwarfed by popular alternatives such as WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram.

February 8

The service “WhatsApp” is facing criticism after its request from its nearly two billion users around the world, to agree to new terms of use that allow it to share more data with “Facebook”, which owns the application.

Users who refuse to accept the new conditions will be banned from using their accounts as of February 8th.

The group seeks to generate cash revenues by allowing advertisers to communicate with their customers through “WhatsApp”, or even sell their products directly through the platform, which is what the network began working on in India.

The company pointed out that the data that may be shared between “WhatsApp” and the “Facebook” application system (including “Instagram” and “Messenger”) includes contacts and profile information, but does not affect the content of messages that remain encrypted.


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