WhatsApp adds a new feature that enables you to read incoming messages later


The application “WhatsApp” is adding a new feature that enables the user to read incoming messages later, in the latest additions to the popular messaging application.

According to press reports, this feature has been fully set to replace the current archived chats feature, to be launched soon.

And more clearly; An individual or group chat is currently being archived on WhatsApp, which the service hides in the archive section; To not show chats at the top of the messaging app.

However, when a new message arrives, the archived chat automatically appears at the top of the screen, which is very annoying.

This will differ with the new feature; Chats with new messages in the “Read later” section will remain muted, and users will not be notified if a new message arrives.

The new feature will not be completely imposed on users, as the application, which had recently aroused the ire of its users about the privacy policy before temporarily backing down, provided the option to return to the old function instead of “reading later”.

And according to what was reported by the Indian newspaper, “Indian Express”, the “read later” feature may initially be offered to users of the “WhatsApp” application on Android phones.

And “WhatsApp” is a multi-platform application for smartphones. In addition to sending basic messages to users, send pictures, audio, video and media messages.

The application was founded in 2009 by the American Brian Acton and the Ukrainian Jan Kum, both of whom are former employees of the “Yahoo” site, and is based in Santa Clara, California, before it was acquired by Facebook for $ 19 billion in 2014.


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