“We got tired, but you didn’t give up”


Actress Nancy Ajram sent an influential message to the medical staff, and said: We are tired, but you have not surrendered, we are afraid, but you are still united, we are weakening, but you are our strength .. Doctors, nurses and paramedics, you are people who resist fatigue and face fear to protect us .. you are fighting death in order for life to remain. ”And Nancy added:“ You are not You sleep while staying safe, you are away from your homes until we remain protected in our homes, you are deprived of your family until we do not lose our people, you care about each patient in a time when we are deprived we accompany..but you are all the medical staff What we have said is a little and difficult to describe love Here is what you come to us, oh, for nothing. “

And she concluded: “Every doctor, every nurse, every paramedic .. You are not a white army, but only, you have transparent and honest hearts that do not know but love and remain in love sincerely and without compensation .. because our world needs so much love to heal.”


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