Watch .. the first pictures of a citizen who was shot with her husband’s pistol in the bedroom in Jeddah


Grandmother (Echo):

A circulating photo showed the location of the injury of the citizen, who was shot with her husband’s pistol, in the bedroom of their home in Jeddah.

The pictures documented that the citizen was exposed to a bullet that penetrated her neck, while the effects on her neck appeared, in addition to injuries to her hand, according to our colleague, “Okaz.”

The victim who filed the case said before the Personal Status Court in Jeddah in order to annul her marriage contract, that her husband had told her on one occasion that he wanted to present her with a surprise.

She explained that after he lit candles in the bedroom, and put the cover on his wife, claiming the coldness of the weather, she was surprised when a bullet was fired at her from a firearm that was in his possession that penetrated her neck from the back and exited from the front.


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