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The Russian company Caviar announced a special edition Sony PlayStation 5 in gold color, the media reported that the game console PS5 Caviar’s limited edition contains over 20 kilograms of gold.

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PlayStation 5 contains 30 kilos of gold

This is without a doubt the most expensive device PlayStation 5 One can buy it, according to a report in Letsgo Digital.

The Russian company introduced a 3D design to the PS5 Limited Edition, with nice texture, and it’s made of 18 karat gold It consists of 8 plates cast of pure gold, to make this unique design, no less than 30 were used

Kilograms of gold, and the report added that twenty kilograms of gold is already in the console. PlayStation 5 is made of gold

Several unauthorized retailers also sell PlayStation 5 to customers in India at a high price, in some cases and it is sold without any warranty, similar to Sony PlayStation 4 consoles or Xbox One Previously that did not support international warranties, those who buy controllers from the gray market will not be able to take advantage of warranty benefits in India, according to previous reports.

PlayStation 5 is made of gold

Sony said that when the Sony PlayStation 5 becomes available,

More than 99 percent of the more than 4000 games are available on PS4 It will be playable on PS5, for those who want to know how PS4 games work on PS5, the company said it is focusing on its huge catalog of games on PlayStation 4. Playable games on PS5 will include the games that defined the PS4 generation – critically acclaimed exclusive offers on PlayStation Like The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, to massive successes from our external partners.

PlayStation 5 is made of gold

The company earlier said in a statement: “You will be able to play digital versions of your compatible PS4 games on a PS5 Digital Edition console. These will be the compatible digital PS4 games that you have already purchased or plan to purchase via PlayStation Store on PS4, PS5, Web or PlayStation mobile app “.

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