Was Saudi Arabia targeted from inside it? Was Al-Yamamah Palace bombed in the Kingdom?


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These were questions that preoccupied observers and public opinion following the Saudi announcement about the interception of a ballistic missile that targeted Riyadh airport, which led to the suspension of navigation in it, and immediately Saudi Arabia accused the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen. However, in a statement, the movement denied any connection with the targeting and affirmed that it did not carry out any military operations during this period, and that if it did, it would announce it with pride. Despite this, Saudi sources insist that the missile was launched from inside Yemen.

Suddenly, a group appeared in the open, announcing itself for the first time and claiming responsibility for the attacks and adding details about the attack. The Promise Brigades (Sons of Arabia), a new unknown organization, said it bombed the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with drones.

The group confirms, according to an official statement in which it said that after the Arabs of the Gulf states persisted in their crimes against the peoples of the region and continued to support ISIS criminal gangs and takfiri groups that infiltrated the blood of innocent people, here are the people of the Arabian Peninsula who fulfill their promise and send drones of terror to the Kingdom of Saud And their forts in the Al-Yamamah Palace and other targets in Riyadh announce the beginning of the transfer of the deterrence equation to the inside of their sheikhdom in revenge for the blood of the martyrs.

And the group vowed in the statement that “the next blow will be on what he described as the dens of evil in Dubai if the crimes of Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed are repeated.”

From the published statement of the “Waad al-Haq Brigades” organization, it indicates that the group is from within the Arabian Peninsula, which raises the possibility that the targeting was from within Saudi territory. However, there is a great contradiction between Saudi Arabia’s announcement of intercepting a ballistic missile, and the movement’s announcement of sending drones. Saudi Arabia also announced that the target was Riyadh airport, while the nascent movement’s statement said that the bombing targeted Al-Yamamah Palace. So what is the truth? And why this discrepancy in the data. Was it a ballistic missile that was intercepted or drones that hit many targets in Riyadh?

It is worth noting that this attack by an unknown group is not the first of its kind. Last month, an unknown party carried out a major attack on Aden airport at the moment of the disembarkation of the new Yemeni government members coming from Riyadh, and the information and data at the time confirmed that the Ansar Allah movement had nothing to do with this attack on the airport. Although an investigation committee was formed, it has not yet determined who carried out the attack.

It is also remarkable that these attacks and this escalation against Riyadh come at a time when initiatives are being proposed for dialogue between Saudi Arabia and Iran. In it, Tehran declares its welcome to any dialogue with Riyadh. At a time when Iran is preparing for a battle in the diplomatic and negotiation field with the new American administration, in which Iran hopes to ease some restrictions and sanctions on its economic activity, and it is not expected that Tehran or the parties of the resistance axis will resort to escalation towards Saudi Arabia or the United States in the military aspect in these circumstances. .

The published statement of the “Right Promise Brigades” organization threatens the UAE and Dubai specifically to target later, and this is the clearest criterion for knowing the seriousness of this organization and this path of escalation, and whether it will complete the operations and expand their scope and quality, or will it be a process like the political message that reached the mail of its owners .

Kamal Khalaf

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