Warm peace between Hani Saeed and the Al-Ahly guards coach .. Video


Hani Saeed, the sporting director of the Pyramids team, and Michael Yancon, the coach of Al-Ahly’s Guardians, exchanged warm pallets in the match that they are currently gathering at the Air Defense Stadium in the tenth round of the General League competition.

The Al-Ahly formation consists of: Mohamed El-Shennawi, Mohamed Hani, Badr Banoun, Ayman Ashraf, Ali Maaloul, Amr Al-Soliya, Hamdi Fathi, Afsha, Hussein Al-Shahat, Taher Mohamed Taher and Mohamed Sharif.

And sitting on the bench are: Ali Lotfi, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Yasser Ibrahim, Mahmoud Kahraba, Marwan Mohsen, Alii Yang, Salah Mohsen, Saad Samir and Walter Bwalia.

Pyramids formation consists of: Sherif Ikrami, Tariq Taha – Ahmed Sami – Ahmed Fathi – Ali Jabr, Ramadan Subhi – Abdullah Al-Saeed – Nabil Emad Dunga – Ahmed Tawfiq – Irbek Traore, John Antwi.

And there are on the bench in the match: Ahmed Al-Shennawi – Ahmed Ayman Mansour – Islam Issa – Mahmoud Wadi – Mahmoud Hamada – Mahmoud Saber – Ibrahim Adel – Dudu Al-Jabas – Omar Jaber.

Al-Ahly enters the meeting ecstatic, with its recent victory over Al-Mokawloon, after it was overturned with two clean goals to a three-goal victory for two goals, scored by Taher Muhammad Taher, Muhammad Sharif and Muhammad Magdi Qafsha.

On the other hand, Pyramids enter the meeting after falling into the trap of a positive tie against Smouha with a goal for each team, as Ibrahim Adel advanced to the heavenly team and Mustafa Fathi tied the Alexandrian team, losing two new points in the league struggle.

Al-Ahly tops the league with 20 points after playing 8 confrontations, winning 6 and returning in 2, and its players scored 19 goals and scored 4 goals, while Pyramids ranked fifth with 13 points, after having fought 8 confrontations, winning 3, drawing 4 and losing One match, and his players scored 11 goals and conceded 8 goals.

Al-Ahly is looking forward to winning, reaping the three game points, and strengthening its position at the top of the league before traveling to Qatar to participate in the Club World Cup for the sixth time in its history, which will be held next February..

Al-Ahly is the strongest offensive streak in the league after its players managed to score 19 goals by 2.3 goals per match, while Pyramids enters the fifth place today with 13 points, collected from winning 3 games, drawing 4 and defeating one time..

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