“Walla” website: Israel will ask the Biden administration not to pressure Egypt, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia




The Israeli “Walla” website quoted security officials as saying that Israel intends to ask the new American administration not to exert pressure on Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE over the human rights file and other issues.

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The report stated that the US President-elect Joe Biden did not speak with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE within the framework of the round of talks he held with world leaders after his victory in the elections, despite these countries being considered Washington’s main allies in the region, and during his election campaign he criticized Saudi Arabia regarding the war. In Yemen.

The report pointed out that Israel considers its security and intelligence relations with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE a key factor in the strategy to contain Iran and as an important component in regional security, noting that Israel has recently devoted special attention to Yemen, due to fears of attacks on Israeli ships passing from the Red Sea near From the Yemeni shores, and also from the negative effects of the Iranian positioning in Yemen on Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The report stated that there are Israeli estimates that Biden will significantly alter the American policy towards Yemen, especially with regard to the Saudi role in the war there, and the report quoted security officials that Israel intends to encourage the new American administration to ensure that changing its policies will not deepen Iranian influence in Yemen, and not to endanger regional cooperation between Israel, the United States and Saudi Arabia in other matters.

Israeli officials said, according to the report, that they intend to stress before the Biden administration that during the past years, great changes have occurred in the region, within which an alliance was formed as a result of the development of relations between Israel and the Arab countries, while Israel hopes that the Biden administration will give priority to strengthening this process over his concerns. Because of the war in Yemen and human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Officials said that in recent weeks, Israel has encouraged Egypt and Saudi Arabia to take positive steps on human rights issues in order to improve the atmosphere and prepare the ground for a dialogue with the Biden administration, and the officials indicated that they intend to stress before the Biden administration that a crisis in relations between Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE could lead To drive them away from the United States and push them into the arms of Russia and China.

Source: Israel 24+ and La


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