Video – The attempt to assassinate George Haswani’s son after a Phalanges


The Syrian young man, Basil George Haswani, son of the Syrian businessman George Haswani, was subjected to an assassination attempt in the Qalamoun area in the Damascus countryside, his hometown, according to “Aleppo Today” channel.

Syrian businessman Basil George Haswani was exposed to an assassination attempt in Damascus countryside, days after his father’s name was mentioned in an investigation into those involved in the Beirut Port bombing on August 4, 2020.

Director and media director Imad Jandali Al-Rifai revealed the incident through a post he wrote directly on Basil Haswani’s page, Tuesday, explaining that the latter had been subjected to an assassination attempt by shooting on Rima Road in Yabroud area in Damascus countryside, but the damage was only material.

Basil Haswani owns the Damascus-based “Massa Oil Production” company, according to Syrian opposition media. While the news of the assassination attempt spread among Syrians on social media. Note that he constantly publishes pictures of him carrying weapons with other soldiers in different parts of the country.

This comes after the name of his father, George Haswani, a businessman close to the Assad regime, was mentioned in a television investigation prepared and recently published by the Lebanese Al-Jadid TV, in which he spoke about the involvement of Syrian businessmen close to the regime in the Beirut port explosion. The investigation pointed to the links between Syrian businessmen, George Haswani, Imad and Mdalal Khoury, and the British-registered company “Savoro”, which bought in 2013 the substance “ammonium nitrate” that led to the explosion, killing about 200 people and wounding more than 6 thousand. Others.

According to the information circulated, the Lebanese “Hezbollah” has strong influence in the Yabroud area in Qalamoun, where the assassination attempt took place, and the party controlled the area since the early years of the Syrian revolution.

As for George Haswani, who also holds Russian citizenship, he is one of the most prominent businessmen in the oil sector close to the Syrian regime. He built his empire through the “HESCO” company in the 1990s. Close relations link him with the officials of the Syrian regime, which he used in oil and energy transport projects in Syria, and he played a mediating role in the regime’s purchase of oil from ISIS-controlled areas, which made it one of the names on which the United States and the European Union imposed international sanctions in 2015.

The name of George Haswani also emerged as one of the giants of implementing oil projects in Syria for the benefit of the Russian “Stroy Trans Gas” company, as he became its executive arm in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, through his company. He also holds a doctorate degree from the former Soviet Union under a grant from the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education, and worked as a professor at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering under it, and then he was appointed general manager of the “Baniyas” oil refinery on the Syrian coast for a short period.

The details are as reported by the “Aleppo Today” channel in the following video:


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