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Artist Ramy Sabry released the song “Shukran” by Amr Diab, with his voice. (the details)

Ramy Sabry relied on the song on a new distribution and different from the original distribution of the song, while he used the same lyrics as the original song.

Video – Aziz Al-Shafei denies Ramy Sabry’s accusations: I will never accept abuse again

It is noteworthy that Ramy Sabry had criticized the actions of the composer Aziz Al-Shafei for giving the song “Thank you” to the artist Amr Diab, although he had listened to it before, which prompted Aziz Al-Shafei and Tamer Hussein to criticize him and deny the validity of his claim and declare that he will not cooperate with him again, so that Ramy returns and confirms that he respects Amr Diab and that his dispute with Hussein and Al-Shafei.

The star Amr Diab recently released his new album, Ya Ana Ya, through various electronic applications and through the Vodafone Music service.

The album includes 12 songs:

1- O I, O Lala (Lyrics: Ayman Bahjat Qamar – composed by Muhammad Yahya – Distribution: Adel Haqqi).

2- Mehsud (Words: Turki Al Sheikh – composed by: Khaled Ezz – Distribution: Adel Haqqi).

3- Thank you (Words: Tamer Hussein – composed by: Aziz Al Shafei – Distribution: Wissam Abdel Moneim).

4- I want to do your costume (Lyrics: Tamer Hussein – composed by: Islam Zaki – Distribution: Ramy Samir).

5- Tabl (Lyrics: Ayman Bahjat Qamar – composed by: Aziz Al Shafei – Distribution: Touma).

6- Batzar (Words: Bahaa El Din Mohamed – composed by: Sherif El Ghandour – Distribution: Rami Samir).

7- Think of Me Loving (Words: Saber Kamal – composed by: Walid Saad – Distribution: Ahmad Adel).

8- I am with you (words: Khaled Taj El Din – composed by: Khaled Ezz – Distribution: Adel Haqqi).

9- Yala’a (words: Turki Al Sheikh – Melodies: Arrow – Distribution: Adel Haqqi).

10- From Al-Ashm (words: Turki Al-Sheikh – composed by Tamer Ashour – Distribution: Nader Hamdy).

11- Mehsud (Remix) (Lyrics: Turki Al Sheikh – composed by Khaled Ezz – Distribution: Adel Haqqi).

12- The atmosphere is beautiful (lyrics: Muhammad Al-Qayati – composed by: Muhammad Yahya – Distribution: Ahmed Adel).
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