Video .. Details of the late American journalist Larry King’s worst interview with “Gaddafi”


Al-Marsad newspaper: A report published by Al-Hurra revealed that the famous American television talk show host, Larry King, gave the worst interview in his history with the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The report said: “In 2009, King, who died today, Saturday, conducted an interview with the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi during which he asked him several embarrassing questions, including: Have you thought about who will succeed you as president ?, At that time he replied that he left power in 1977, and that The people are currently ruling the country, while they are working to lead the revolution.

The report added, “(King) also asked his guest (Gaddafi) about his biggest mistakes, and the late Libyan leader replied that he had made several mistakes, but he focused specifically on his previous desire to produce a nuclear bomb before turning away from that.”

The report concluded: “Two years after the famous interview, Larry himself appeared in a TV interview, during which the presenter asked him for his opinion about Gaddafi. To interview him was the worst.

Larry Gaddafi, who ruled Libya for more than 40 years, described him as an interesting person, but at the same time he had a strange thinking, and he expected his downfall about eight months before his death in October 2011.


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