Vice President of “Huawei Saudi Arabia” in an exclusive interview with Okaz: Strategy 1 + 8 + N aims to build a smooth life supported by artificial intelligence – Saudi News


There is no doubt that the year 2020 was exceptional for various companies around the world, and of course Huawei, the technology giant, is one of these companies that has been affected by the changing and difficult situations that have passed during the past year. From this point of view, we had this interview in Okaz newspaper with Vice President of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia Bill Yu, to talk about the year 2020 and Huawei’s aspirations for the year 2021.

First, Yu indicates that Huawei will continue its focus on providing the latest technology to users during the year 2020, which in turn has reflected on the good performance of the company and the remarkable successes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In terms of growth in the Kingdom’s market, Huawei’s products for all use cases recorded rapid growth during the year 2020 (until the third quarter of the year). In the categories of wearable devices, audio devices and laptops, for example, the market share witnessed a significant growth of more than 50% compared to the same period in 2019. This demonstrates Huawei’s commitment to providing the best technology to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to provide them with a wide range of products that do not. It is limited to smart phones, but includes a number of other products including wearable devices, tablets, audio devices and others.

And the vice president added that in 2021, Huawei will continue to maintain its firm commitment to the Saudi market by continuing to provide the latest technology, noting that the company is aware that its customers in the Kingdom expect to obtain the highest quality levels and the latest features and capabilities of their devices, and Huawei is always keen to keep pace with their expectations, The company provides many products besides smartphones, and is committed to providing the latest technology to its customers with a wide portfolio of products ranging from computers, tablets, wearables, audio products and others.

strategy 1+8+N

In this context, Mr.Yu sheds light on Huawei’s strategy for a seamless AI-powered life, which is: 1+8+N Which was launched about two years ago, and achieved remarkable success. This strategy revolves around manufacturing smart products that are able to communicate and work with each other seamlessly, to provide the best experiences for users at home, while traveling, playing sports or any of the other usage scenarios. Huawei aims to build a strategy for the role of artificial intelligence in daily life, under the name of strategy AI Life, And works through this strategy to build experiences suitable for all usage scenarios, bringing all devices together, in this era characterized by unprecedented levels of connectivity. It is noteworthy that the number “1” in the strategy refers to the mobile phone, while the number “8” refers to tablets, computers, virtual reality devices, wearable devices, smart screens, smart audio devices, smart speakers, and devices that are worn on The head, as for the letter “NIt refers to the widespread availability of Internet of Things devices.

In line with the company’s global vision, Yu believes that Huawei is always striving to provide users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an advanced smart experience in various scenarios, including smart home technologies, and health and fitness monitoring technologies. Our plan is based on strategy AI Life To provide a lifestyle enhanced by artificial intelligence in enhancing communication between people, especially in these exceptional times, and building a world in which everything works in a connected, safe and smooth manner.

Huawei enriches its system based on this strategy for all use cases, through a number of new products for all use cases, which were launched in the Kingdom, especially computers. HUAWEI MateBook X AndHUAWEI MateBook 14, Resources HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro AndHUAWEI WATCH FIT, And headphones HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro AndHUAWEI FreeBuds Studio Which I launched recently, in addition to, of course, the expected phone HUAWEI Mate40 Pro.

Keeping up with changes

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the pandemic and the changes it imposed have weighed on the work of companies, so how did Huawei deal with such new circumstances?

The vice president answers that the new situation led to a shift in user habits towards more online experiences, and therefore Huawei kept pace with these changes, as our focus was on creating the best ways to stay next to our users, and thus we organized more than one online selling event during the second half of In 2020, such as the “Summer Carnival” and “The Big Sale Carnival”, with huge discounts of up to 90%, allowing customers in the Kingdom the opportunity to benefit from lightning discounts, big discounts, and lucky raffles on a wide range of Huawei products to present as gifts to family and friends. . The last carnivals, for example, achieved total sales of 20 million Saudi riyals.

HUAWEI AppGallerand

On the other hand, Yu points out that Huawei continues to invest in its system and in building one of the 3 largest application distribution platforms around the world, i.e. HUAWEI AppGallery. Since its global launch in April 2018, Shop AppGallery Has been successful in over 170 countries / regions, with over 500 million monthly active users globally. The total downloads for its applications exceeded 294 billion downloads (during the period between January and September of 2020), and the store also has 2 million registered developers.

As for the local level, it continues AppGallery HUAWEI Achieving strong growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this complements the continuous development of Huawei’s mobile services ecosystem HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS). During the second half of 2020, daily active users logged into a store AppGallery More than 80% growth compared to the first half of the same year. In addition, during the second half of 2020, more than 4,200 Saudi developers joined HUAWEI AppGallery. With regard to the rate of downloading applications from the store, there was an increase of 150% during the second half of 2020 compared to the first half of the same year, which represents the testimony of more users who believe in the Huawei App Store. AppGallery. He draws to that AppGallery HUAWEI It aims to be the ultimate app store that provides customers with more options, and provides developers with more innovative technology to establish new rules regarding capabilities related to user experiences. Huawei is cooperating closely with elite of the most famous and reliable companies, institutions and entities in the Kingdom to provide customized applications for local users. These innovative applications use the advanced features of Huawei smart devices to provide the best possible experiences for users, building new levels of trust and security.


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