Urgent decision from “Education” regarding the second semester


Riyadh (Echo):

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Education allowed school schedules to be prepared from the school lead’s account in the My School platform, in preparation for the second semester of 1442 AH.

The Ministry explained to male and female teachers its new services available through the platform, which appeared in the teacher’s account today.

There was a state of anticipation for the issuance of a final decision by the Ministry of Education regarding the study during the second semester, whether in attendance or remotely.

This coincides with the date of the second semester, which will start in a few days, amid speculation about the study mechanism in the second semester.

It should be noted that a responsible source revealed the fact that an official decision was issued for the study mechanism in the second semester for male and female students, saying that what is being reported in this regard is incorrect.


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