Unveiled the new simplified version of “Windows 10”


Unveiled the new, simplified version of


Interface of the operating system “Windows 10 X”

The new, simplified version of the operating system “Windows 10” will be adapted to the characteristics of computers with weak technical capabilities, and will have a modern design, as revealed by The Verge.

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Windows system update causing emergence

The site stated that the “Windows 10 X” system, which was unveiled and which journalists were introduced to, is considered a copy of the original “Windows 10” system that has been modified to conform to working conditions on low-productivity computers, and one of its most prominent features is the presence of a “start menu” in In the middle of the desktop, in addition to choosing the bottom of the desktop as a place for frequently used and installed applications.

Among the features of the new version is its simplified design, which makes it similar to a gateway to the Internet from the portal of the application library for “Windows” systems, as evidenced by the replacement of the usual icons with a operations center that allows receiving notifications, using quick settings, activating additional windows and screens, and performing some other operations.

One of the advantages of “Windows 10 X” is the ability to move applications according to the user’s desire, including placing two windows for two different programs side by side on the desktop (without the ability to change the size of the two windows). The new version also allows access to a cloud storage tank via the built-in Explorer (although the ability to work with local files is not available).

Journalists explained that the “Windows 10 X” system is very similar to the “Chrome OS” system designed for “Google” computers, noting that this system cannot be operated freely on the computer, but the market will soon offer laptops equipped with the aforementioned system.

The new version will be released from March to June next, and it is expected that Windows 10X will be adapted to the requirements of working on two-screen computers.

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