UFC champion John Jones hardens a wild boar (video)


a hero


/Thomas Shea

The American John Jones, a legend of the “UFC” mixed martial arts union, went on a hunting trip on a helicopter, during which he hunted a wild boar.

Published by Jones Video Through his account in the “Instagram” application, while he was shooting a large animal from the helicopter, he hit him from the first shot, and followed it with several more shots on the corpse, commenting on him: “One shot, one victim, a lot of pork. I got a precious prize after hunting.” precious”.

And the American fighter gave up the world champion’s light-heavyweight belt, to participate in the heavyweight, and indicated that he had reached 113 kg.

It is noteworthy that John Jones (33 years) is considered the best fighter in UFC history in terms of victories and titles. He competed 14 times for the title, and fought his last fight on February 9, 2020, in which he beat his compatriot Dominic Reyes by points, achieving his 26th victory against One defeat.

Source: Agencies


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