UAE sends medical aid plane to Chechnya – UAE – news and reports


Today, the UAE sent a fifth medical aid plane containing 6 tons of medical supplies and testing devices as a gift to Chechnya, and 6 thousand health care workers will benefit from it to enhance their efforts to contain the spread of “Covid-19”.

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Jaber, the UAE ambassador to the Russian Federation, said: “The UAE’s efforts to operate an air bridge of urgent medical supplies to support the medical sector in Chechnya reflects the strength and durability of relations, and the UAE leadership’s keenness to support all friendly countries in such intensifying circumstances It has the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, as 25.3 tons were previously sent by operating 4 aircraft during the past months.

He added, “The UAE hopes that these medical supplies will contribute to enhancing the medical capabilities of the medical and nursing staff and providing them with more protection.”

It is worth noting that the UAE has, to date, provided more than 1,742 tons of aid to more than 128 countries, benefiting about 1.7 million medical workers.



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