UAE residents raise the slogan “Hand in hand, we recover from Corona” – Emirates – News and reports


UAE residents have interacted with the slogan # Hand _ Hand _ We recover on various social media platforms, reflecting societal awareness of the importance of recovering from “Corona” and returning to normal life by taking the “Covid-19” vaccine approved in the country.

The official and popular interaction appears with the slogan # Hand _ Hand _ We recover, the UAE residents stand as one hand in the face of “Corona” and victory over it by immunizing society and taking the vaccine while adhering to social responsibility, preserving public safety and supporting the great national efforts to protect the health of community members.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority – through its official account on Twitter – broadcasted a number of awareness messages, through which it advised UAE residents to receive the “Covid-19” vaccine, especially senior citizens and people with chronic diseases among citizens, residents and people of determination over 18 years, in light of the confirmation of the effectiveness The vaccine is high.

The authority stated that, in line with the vision of the wise leadership and the high effectiveness of the health sector in the country, which is among the best in the world in dealing with the Corona crisis, the “Covid-19” vaccine has been approved, which conforms to strict international standards.

The authority broadcast awareness messages urging the public on the importance of taking the vaccine.

She said: “Together, towards a healthy society free from contagious diseases and epidemics … Today we encourage our society to take a new step towards recovery and return to normal life by taking the Covid-19 vaccine.”

The authority also broadcast an awareness video through its social media accounts that includes motivating phrases, namely: “Because human health and safety is a priority, and to achieve a strategic balance between all sectors, the challenge must be transformed into opportunities.” The video concluded with the phrase: “With community integration and international solidarity, we recover … Hand in hand we recover. ”

In a related context, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced – via Twitter – the provision of the “Covid-19” vaccine in a number of health centers in the various emirates of the country free of charge, without booking an appointment according to the working hours, while the Ministry broadcast the names of hospitals and centers that provide the vaccine at the level The state.

For her part, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the spokesperson for the health sector in the country, said during a television interview that the UAE is one of the first countries to adopt the emergency licensing of the vaccine in October of last year, and we have information and evidence on the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

Farida Al Hosani indicated that the focus on the category of senior citizens and those with chronic diseases comes within the framework of preventing complications from the disease, as they are the most vulnerable groups to complications from the Corona virus and have priority in obtaining the vaccine .. stressing the need for people who fall under these categories to go to the nearest health center to take Covid 19 vaccine.

In turn, Dr. Omar Al-Hammadi said – via Twitter -: “Taking the Corona vaccine is optional and up to the individual’s desire … the individual is responsible for protecting himself from infection … and the individual is responsible for protecting himself from complications … and the individual is responsible for reducing the chances of transmission of infection to others. In order to reach the immunity and immunity of society, we need to convince individuals of the importance of the vaccine.

In the context of the slogan # Hand _ Hand _ We recover through many pioneers of social media from citizens and residents of their desire to receive the Covid 19 vaccine to immunize society and victory over the Corona virus and stand together in the face of “Corona” in a way that contributes to preserving the health and safety of the UAE society and the return of life to Completely normal.

Citizens and residents expressed their pride in the efforts of the UAE and its wise leadership in confronting the “Covid-19” virus and preserving lives by providing the vaccine for everyone free of charge at the state level, stressing that the human being and his health in the UAE is a fundamental pillar in the development process and a sustainable goal.



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