Turkey agrees to “emergency use” of the Chinese vaccine against Corona and intends to start vaccination Thursday


Turkey agrees



The Turkish Minister of Health, Fakhruddin Kuja, was vaccinated with the Chinese “Coronavac” vaccine against the Corona virus.

Today, Wednesday, the Turkish Ministry of Health announced its approval of the “emergency use” of the Chinese “Coronavac” vaccine against the Coronavirus, to begin the vaccination process with it on Thursday.

The Ministry of Medicines and Medical Devices Corporation stated, in a statement, that the “emergency use” of the Coronavac vaccine was approved after evaluating scientific data about it, and after completing the related analyzes in its laboratories for a period of 14 days.

For his part, Turkish Health Minister, Fakhruddin Kujah, said, Wednesday, that Turkey will start a vaccination campaign against the Corona virus “Covid-19” throughout the country from tomorrow, Thursday.

Shortly after his statements to reporters, Koca received a dose of the injected vaccine in a live broadcast in front of television screens, followed by members of the Turkish Scientific Advisory Council.

Turkey obtained 3 million doses of the “Coronavac” vaccine, which is produced by the Chinese company “Sinovac”, and requested a total of 50 million doses.

Ankara is also in talks to obtain a Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine, and another one developed by “Pfizer” and “Biontech”.

Various trials of the Chinese vaccine from around the world have shown widely varying results, including researchers in Brazil announcing late-stage data from tests showing an efficacy rate of 50.4%.

And last month, Turkish researchers said that Koronavac had proven effective at a rate of 91.25% based on an interim analysis of 29 cases.

Source: Agencies


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