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After the social networking site Twitter banned his account, and the US House of Representatives charged him in connection with incitement to storm the Capitol, the outgoing US President Donald Trump finds himself isolated more than ever, and he and his family are preparing to leave Washington for Florida Next Wednesday dawn a few hours before the inauguration of his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, in the hope of a more hospitable reception from the residents of this sunny state, but the reception for the Trump family is still mysterious.

Trump takes the plane to his luxury club, Maralago, where he intends to settle. A number of his sons also decided to flee the pro-Democrat American capital, and go to the state of Florida in the south of the country,

Last month, residents of Palm Beach, where Trump’s Club is located, sent a letter to the city council reminding them that according to an agreement signed in 1993, Marallago should not be a major residence. For its part, the club rejects these terms of agreement.

And this week, Palm Beach County officials issued a warning to the club about a party held on New Year’s Eve, during which the invitees did not wear masks and did not respect the rules of social distancing.

Trump’s son, Donald Jr., posted a video of the party showing the participants dancing to the rap songs of Vanilla Ice, who was present on the stage.

The Trump family faces a fine of $ 15,000 for any other violation of the rules related to the “Covid-19” epidemic at the golf complex.

“The Trump family might be surprised to learn that the electoral rolls in the three major southern counties, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade, are controlled by Democrats,” said Craig Pittman, a Florida native and author of several books on the state.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, Pittman notes that “the deputy for the district that includes Maralago, Louis Frankel, voted not only once, but twice, in favor of accusing the most famous citizen in the region, Donald Trump.” But during the four years of his rule, Trump nonetheless built a solid base of supporters in Florida, especially among the white in rural areas and the descendants of conservative Latin America.

One of his loyal supporters is Cuban-American from Miami, Enrique Tarjo, leader of the “Proud Boys” group. The latter was arrested in Washington two days before the attack on the Capitol and was in possession of a safe.

According to American media, Ivanka Trump intends to win one of the two Florida seats in the Senate, but the election date is still far away in November 2022.

• Palm Beach County sends a warning to the Trump Club about respecting social distancing rules.

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