Today’s technology – solar winds moving at more than 1.8 speeds make their way through the solar system


Today’s news Today’s technology – solar winds moving at speeds of more than 1.8 times their way through the solar system Source of the news – Al Arab Today with details of the news Solar winds moving at speeds of more than 1.8 making their way through the solar system:

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Astronomers predicted that solar winds moving at more than 1.8 million kilometers per hour, would make their way through the solar system and could strike Earth. Space weather experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) analyzed a stream of solar particles streaming from the south of the sun. Experts estimate that the solar wind is moving at an amazing speed of 500 kilometers per second, or 1.8 million kilometers per hour. And meteorologists said that the particles are currently moving on a journey of 150 million kilometers from the sun, and could strike on January 17 or 18. Space Weather said: “There is a current of solar wind approaching the Earth. Estimated time of arrival: January 17-18. It comes from a hole.” “And NOAA observers expect the solar wind to reach 500 km / s when the current arrives, which could lead to the appearance of auroras in the Arctic.” Aurora occurs when the magnetosphere is bombarded by the solar wind that deflects from the particles, causing spectacular green and blue lights to appear. While this solar storm is not a cause for concern, some astronomers believe that a large storm could strike, and in a world that depends heavily For technology, the consequences could be dire.

As such, the researchers called for better infrastructure to monitor the activity of the sun. A recent study from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Russia said: “A large solar storm could cut off electricity, television broadcasts, the Internet and wireless communications, leading to large cascading effects in many areas of life. According to some experts, the damage caused by such an extreme event could cost up to several trillions of dollars, and restoring the infrastructure and the economy could take up to 10 years. Thus, understanding and predicting the most dangerous extreme events is of utmost importance to protect society. Technology is one of the global threats to space weather. ” Dr. Jenny Marcella Rodriguez Gomez, author of the first study, said: “Understanding the properties of extreme solar eruptions and extreme space weather phenomena can help us better understand the dynamics and variability of the Sun, as well as the physical mechanisms behind these events.” Skoltech researcher, Tatiana Podladchikova, added: “ Our modern technological community needs to take this very seriously, study extreme space weather events, as well as understand all the subtleties of interactions between the sun and the Earth. ”

A powerful solar flare may have the potential to make technology on our planet redundant, and experts now warn that we must take the threat more seriously. For the most part, Earth’s magnetic field protects humans from the hail of radiation that comes from sunspots, but solar storms can To affect satellite-based technology. The solar wind can heat the Earth’s outer atmosphere, causing it to expand, and this could affect satellites in orbit, which could lead to a lack of navigation with a global positioning system (GPS), mobile phone signal and satellite channels such as Sky.

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