Today’s news in pictures .. The latest appearance of the star Yasmine Sabry


The artist “Yasmine Sabry”, through her account on the social networking site for videos and photos, “Instagram”, published new photos of her.

Yasmine appeared in the gym, leaving her hair on her shoulders.

It is noteworthy that Yasmine started working as a reporter for a satellite channel, and after a while she left her job as a reporter and participated in the Miss Egypt contest “Miss Egypt”. Unfortunately, the competition was canceled because there were no sponsors.

After that, Yasmine received a call from one of the companies working in the advertising field, and asked her to work as a model for one of the advertisements. Yasmine decided to accept the company’s offer and break into the advertising field. Indeed, the artist Yasmine Sabry worked as a model in advertisements for a limited period, then she had the opportunity to get acquainted with the help Director, she nominated her to work in the “Devil’s Steps” program with the Islamic preacher Moez Masoud, and director Adel Adeeb. Indeed, Yasmine went to Cairo to do the role-division sessions in the program, and was able to get the role of the heroine of the program, the veiled girl named Rasha, and the program was shown in Ramadan

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