Today’s news events Asala out of her psychological crisis


today’s events – Asala comes out of her psychological crisis and reveals her new talent – on video

Thursday January 21, 2021 18:26 Regional Celebrities

Actress Asala began to recover recently from the shock of her separation from director Tariq Al-Erian after news of an emotional relationship with model Nicole Saffan surfaced.
Sham Al-Dhahabi, the daughter of Asala, was enthusiastic about the positive developments in her mother’s psychological condition. You draw a bird, Mama decided to devote part of her artistic energies to drawing, so we will download things, and I will use my wonderful drawing (heart), what I have in drawing. “
Asala explained to her followers the nature of the drawing after she finished it, indicating that it is a “bird hanging on the tree,” joking with them in a funny comic way and said: “By God Almighty, I was affected by my drawing.” And Sham Al-Dhahabi returned and published a picture of her mother after the end of work and commented on her by saying: “My mother is with us kindness, love and art, God preserves our mothers.”
It is noteworthy that the artist Asala Nasri’s latest work is the song “God and Faroukna”, which she presented in a video clip on YouTube, from her new album “La Give Up”, and the song is written by Shumookh Al-Uqla, composed by Yasser Bu Ali, and distributed by Tariq Madkour.


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